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Livro: As Palavras Mais Comuns da Língua Inglesa

Livro: Read in English - Uma Maneira Divertida de Aprender Inglês

The software engineer and the frog

A young software engineer is hiking through the woods when he hears a small voice calling to him. He looks around, puzzled, but doesn't see anyone. "Hey! Down here!" Lowering his gaze, he sees a frog looking earnestly back up at him.

"Please help me," the frog pleads. "I'm actually a beautiful girl, but a witch put a spell on me and turned me into a frog. Kiss me and I'll regain my natural form. I'll be forever grateful to you."

The young man gently picks the frog up, notices a twinkle in its eye, then carefully puts it into his shirt pocket and continues his hike. "Wait!" says the frog. "Don't you get it" I'm a woman. I'm young, stunningly attractive, smart, and witty. We'd be perfect together! I'll be faithfully devoted to you. All you need to do is kiss me!"

"Look," says the man. "I'm an engineer. I spend my days writing code, tweaking algorithms, obsessing about features and efficiency. I spend my evenings online or reading. I covet my weekends as my "alone time," when I immerse myself in nature and ponder the mysteries of life, humanity, and the universe. See, I really don't have time for a girlfriend. But, hey, a talking frog? Now that's cool!

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Esta lista veicula diariamente uma história, preferencialmente engraçada (afinal, quem não gosta de uma boa piada?), ou uma citação. As histórias estão em inglês, e as palavras mais incomuns são comentadas. Dessa forma os alunos aprendem, todos os dias, duas ou mais palavras novas. Todos os dias. Em um ano esse pequeno esforço diário pode vir a fazer uma grande diferença.