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I'm not leaving till you give me a job

I've never used the "I'm not leaving" strategy, if there is no job to be had then there is probably not much the clerk can do.

On the other hand there was a time when I was looking for work at various employment agencies. I'd walk a circuit from agency to agency popping my head in the door and asking "do you have any jobs today?" If the answer was no then I would say "no problem, I'll stop by at 9:15 tomorrow" (or whatever time seemed realistic). Then I'd make SURE I stopped by EXACTLY at the time I stated. It never took more than a few days to get an assignment.

A clerk can't make a job appear out of nowhere, but if you demonstrate that you are persistent and reliable and follow up on commitments then you quickly rise above the competition. If an opening arises then you'll be the first applicant s/he will think of.

It worked every time for me.

David Kendall, at Quora

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